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10 January 2012

How do you study?

I'm curious how you study the Bible. Do you read it and then think about it? Pray over it? Talk about it?

For the Read Through the Bible Challenge, I do what I've always done in my yearly read-through. I read with a notebook nearby. When I'm reading, I write down a synopsis of my reading. If a Bible verse stands out, I'll write it out in it's entirety. I mark both the Bible and the notebook so I know that there is a highlighted verse, and in most cases, I attempt to memorize the verse.  (I also copy the verse to a pretty picture and run it on a playback loop in my home. It's a nice way to keep the Bible in mind, and seeing the verses and their respective photos brings back the details of my reading -- or it might bring to mind someone to pray for. But I digress.)

The notebook is also a good place for me to write about what's going on in my life -- a joy, or a sorrow, or a frustration. I can later review and see what God's doing through my life, and more important, through His Word.

I've found it interesting to read back through previous years and compare what jumps out at me from year to year. It's amazing how that changes. The Bible is truly a living Book!

Right now, the challenge is new and fun. Later, it will be a little more difficult as we read through the "boring" parts (whatever they are to you!) but I can promise that if you will be faithful, God will reveal new things to you -- even in the boring parts. If you skip a day, take the time to make it up. If you get frustrated, email me. I'll try my best to help you get over the hump of frustration.

Please let me know how you use the Read Through the Bible Challenge. I'm sure the only "wrong" was is to not do it at all!

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