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07 January 2012

Week 1 musings

I’ve not read through the Bible with “days off” before. It’s an interesting experience, and it does allow reflection time, and it reinforces the creation story, allowing us to remember that on the seventh day God rested.

This week we learned how the world was created – everything perfect, with man charged with ruling over all that God created. We saw the serpent tempt Eve, and then we watched as both of God’s children played the blame game instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions. We watched as they were banished from God’s perfect garden and cursed by God.

We saw God curse the earth because of Adam’s sin. I wonder how the earth physically changed in that moment? Did weeds spring up? Animals that were friendly suddenly turn away from the banished pair?

Another thing I never thought of before: By the time Cain killed Abel, the earth was populated. How long after the banishment was that? How many sons and daughters did Adam and Eve have? God doesn’t mention the Nephilim until chapter 4. Were they a part of the population growth before the Cain/Abel incident? There are so many unanswered questions, and each time I read through the Bible I discover things that I never noticed before!

In chapter 7, we find one of my favorite trivia questions: how many animals did Noah take into the ark? People who blithely say “two, of course” are surprised when they actually read the passage – two unclean and seven pairs of clean. Noah needed something to eat on the voyage, and he also needed something to sacrifice! I imagine that God kept the animals from procreating – with some animals, six months in seclusion could have practically repopulated the ark! So Noah had to have provision for the trip and the end of the trip. Again we see God’s ability to think ahead for us – I don’t know if I could have thought things through clearly while building an ark, suffering the jeers and taunts of my peers (and probably some from my family).

I would have enjoyed watching the animals, some of whom were mortal enemies, calmly go into the ark. What a mighty God we have! How loving is He who makes the animals docile when needed!

God’s sign of the covenant – the rainbow. A beautiful symbol of his love, which reaches from the east to the west, and whose beginning and ending cannot be found!

But of course, man’s sinful nature takes over once again and they plot to build a tower to reach to the heavens. God scattered the people. I wonder how he did that? Teleportation? Scattered means just that. If the people marched or traveled, wouldn’t that be what the Bible says? I wonder how the people felt when they found themselves in a new land, with a new language. Did God give them memories of their old language so they would understand that He is God and that He caused this to happen? Or did He only allow memories to a few – the chroniclers?  Did the people retain memories of old friends, or did God wipe their minds? I wonder if there are “movies” in heaven, so we can get answers to some of these questions?

This week ends with Abram settling in Haran with his dad, Terah. What a great “cliffhanger” for next week!

I would love to know what you’ve learned this week. Have you noticed something in this read-through that you never noticed before? Has God given you a new insight? Email me or leave a comment!

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We’ve had a good start. Let’s keep going strong so we can grow in God’s Word!


  1. I always wonder about Abraham. Why did he say that Sarah was his sister? I understand the whole fear for his life point, but this is ABRAHAM -- he only believed and was credited righteousness. He'd already left all he had by belief. Why did he not think God would protect him and Sarah now too?
    Jeff and Dyllen say I'm over-thinking and it's simply human fear and doubt but again I say, "Come on, this is Abraham - not some newbie to the faith."
    Any thoughts?

  2. Absolutely, Deb! I've had those thoughts too.

    It's our sin nature. Even though Abraham was an important man in God's plan, he was still a MAN. Like us, he tried to "help" God. He feared for his life and for Sarai's life. She would have been enslaved or placed in a harem and he would have been killed.

    But God wasn't going along with the plan. He made sure that the lie was uncovered AND received glory for his miracle working power!

    It also provides me with an object lesson. When I try to help God out, things usually go from bad to worse. God has to step up and fix the original mess and the new mess.

    Through Abram, who fathered God's people and was credited righteous, God gives us hope that our sins can be washed away. We see that even those called by God can sin -- and be redeemed.

    Our Bible is a book of hope, with characters just like you and me. Take faith from this story. There is NOTHING you can do that's too great for God!

    Does this help?


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